Winter 2019 Programs Now Open for Registration

Our Winter 2019 programs at the STEM Beginnings Studio are now open for registration! Let your children experience the fun of STEM learning.

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Fall 2018 Programs Now Open for Registration

Our Fall 2018 programs at the STEM Beginnings Studio are now open for registration! Let your children experience the fun of STEM learning.

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Effects of Technology on Children

High-quality and hands-on activities this summer will help lessen your children’s dependence on electronic gadgets. Check out our 2018 summer workshops for kids focused on STEM learning.

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Loss of Learning for Kids Engaged in Gadgets

Do not let your children experience the negative effects of technology. Instead, get them involved in STEM summer workshops this summer. Contact us for more details.

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S.T.E.M. EDUCATION at STEM Beginnings

STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning. It integrates the four disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into relevant but fun activities meant to build and sustain interest as well as establish foundational knowledge in young children. We strive to build children’s confidence by acknowledging their abilities,…

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How to Make STEM More Fun!

For kids, science and math aren’t always the most exciting subjects around. Compared to other classes like gym and art lessons, they might seem hard to understand. By taking the right steps, you can make STEM learning fun, exciting and more enjoyable.

Here are some things to consider:


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A Worry-Free Summer with STEM

Summer is around the corner. For kids, this means family vacations, picnics at the park, and a carefree time to play. Yet children end up watching TV or playing video games. These activities lead to boredom. It is also a…

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As parents, we play a very important part in our children’s lives. We all have many roles to fill: provider, protector and mentor. But before all else, we are our children’s first teachers.

Early childhood is the critical phase…

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Our Summer 2018 programs are now open for registration. Sign up now as each class is limited to 12 students only. Make it a summer of fun and learning for your kids!

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Our Winter programs are now open for registration. Sign up now and give the gift of STEM learning this holiday season.

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Fall 2017 Programs Open for Registration

Our Fall 2017 programs are now open for sign-ups. Let your children experience the fun of STEM learning. STEM is Fun!

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Looking for STEM Enrichment Teachers to Join our Team

Success in STEM education starts at the beginning – young children! Let’s make it fun!

We are seeking motivated and energetic individuals who are willing and capable of teaching young children between 3-10 years old. Early childhood or elementary…

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"I liked that we got to do projects and take them home. Building the bridge was fun! That was my favorite activity because we worked with a partner and we had to brainstorm ideas. I liked that if it falls we got to try again. STEM is fun and I learned a lot!" - Ryan P. from Shrewsbury, MA

"We do fun things and we learn new stuff at the same time. My favorite is "building a house" for a stuffed giraffe. Mrs. Courtemanche tested our house with a hair dryer and water squirter. I really like Engineering ... so building a house was fun!" - Kaylee I. from Leominster, MA

"STEM is amazing! I love it! STEM is fun and cool! I like all of the stations the teacher puts up for us. I like doing experiments! I liked the snow lesson because it looked like snow, but didn't feel like snow. I liked when we learned about bones because they are important." - Harper P. and Nova P. from Wayland, MA

"I like learning about Science and Math the most. I liked when we built our own rockets and somebody shot one on the school roof!" - Elizabeth S. from Worcester, MA