"I liked that we got to do projects and take them home. Building the bridge was fun! That was my favorite activity because we worked with a partner and we had to brainstorm ideas. I liked that if it falls we got to try again. STEM is fun and I learned a lot!" - Ryan P. from Shrewsbury, MA

"We do fun things and we learn new stuff at the same time. My favorite is "building a house" for a stuffed giraffe. Mrs. Courtemanche tested our house with a hair dryer and water squirter. I really like Engineering ... so building a house was fun!" - Kaylee I. from Leominster, MA

"STEM is amazing! I love it! STEM is fun and cool! I like all of the stations the teacher puts up for us. I like doing experiments! I liked the snow lesson because it looked like snow, but didn't feel like snow. I liked when we learned about bones because they are important." - Harper P. and Nova P. from Wayland, MA

"I like learning about Science and Math the most. I liked when we built our own rockets and somebody shot one on the school roof!" - Elizabeth S. from Worcester, MA